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Red pill

We don't spray and pray by giving you 20 or 30 picks a day or underwhelm you with 2 or 3 picks a month.

We don’t give you the same watered down regurgitated stock picks like other mainstream services.

There's no annoying dashboard to access.

No distracting products to upsell.

No brokerage or commission fees.

No penny stocks.

No over complicated strategies.

Regardless if you're a beginner or a professional trader. Whether you have a little to invest or a lot, all you need is actionable ideas and a road map to guide you—all of which we provide.

With us, you'll receive the top 5 stock ideas from outside the mainstream, picked by elite traders with sniper precision, delivered weekly to your inbox before the market opens.

Each stock idea will include an entry point, stop loss, and profit target—no guesswork.

Plus, high conviction trade alerts throughout the week as we spot them.

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Our premise is simple—mirror our stock ideas and put yourself on the path to greater wealth.

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