Weekly Recap

This Week's Top 5 Trades

#5 SE

Sea Limited was featured in last Thursday’s newsletter. The trade setup was designed for a 2-5 day momentum trade, looking for a $26-35 profit per share. The stock started out strong and was doing just as we expected until midweek, when it lost strength and started to roll. Given market conditions, we decided to sell with a $21.50 profit per share for a five-day return of 6.15%.


Datadog Inc. was featured in last Thursday’s newsletter with an entry price above $150. The stock has been steadily grinding higher since our entry but at a slower pace than we anticipated. As a result, we pulled the plug today at the close and will look to re-enter next week. Seven-day return of 7.46%.

#3 AMD

Advanced Micro Devises Inc. was featured in last Friday’s newsletter. We tracked this one for several weeks, and it finally broke above our 9-week consolidation channel. This trade was timed with pinpoint precision and was closed out today exactly $1 from our target for a six-day return of 8.4%.


Marathon Digital Holdings was featured in Monday morning’s newsletter. This was by far our most exciting trade this week. Everything was pointing towards an increase in price towards our target, but it exploded and crushed our target in less than three days, which made it that much more exciting. We gave our members a target price of $55, which MARA went past on Wednesday for a three-day return of 13.3%.

(See below what was sent to our members on Monday at 6 am.)

#1 CAR

This week’s top trade was in Avis Bugdet Group Inc.!

This is not a high-flying stock, but we really timed this recent move to perfection, and it paid off handsomely. See below what we sent out to our members and how it played out. Six-day return of 16%.

(See below what was sent to our members last Friday at 6 am.)

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