Weekly Recap

This Week's Top 5 Trades

#5 SHW

Sherwin-Williams Co. was featured in last Tuesday’s newsletter with an entry price of $310.50. The stock went in our favor right away and gave us nothing but green days. We sold today just below our target for a seven-day return of 6.6%.

#4 NET

Cloudflare Inc. was featured in last Thursday’s newsletter. We bought this one a day before earnings as we were expecting a pop higher following the news. The stock did exactly what we had expected. The report was released and NET gapped above our target the following day for a two-day return of 10.5%.


Riot Blockchain Inc. was a day trade featured in this morning’s newsletter. We were game planning a strong move after the two-day consolidation, and we got just that. It took a while for it to get going, but there was no looking back once it did. We gave our members a target of $3-5 for the day and were able to capture $4.60 for a one-day return of 11.3%.


Blink Charging Co. was by far this week’s most straightforward trade! It was featured in Monday morning’s newsletter with a target price of $37.50. We bought the open, and the stock exploded and crushed our target that same day for a one-day return of 15.2%.

#1 QS

QuantumScape Corp. was this week’s top trade!

This one was featured in last Monday’s newsletter after we noticed an uptick in buying pressure following a narrower quarterly loss than the previous year. Our entry price was $29, and our target price was $38.50. Another one outlined with pinpoint precision. The stock hit our target yesterday for a nine-day return of 36.5%.

(See below what was sent to our members on November 1st at 6 am)

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