Weekly Recap

This Week's Top 5 Trades

#5 W

Wayfair Inc. was a day trade featured in this morning’s newsletter. Our target for the trade was a $9-11 increase per share, and the stock doubled our target in the first ten minutes of trading! We don’t call it cash flow Friday for no reason. Ten-minute return of 7.2%.


DigitalOcean Holdings Inc. was featured in Monday morning’s newsletter with an entry price of $124. Because the stock was a bit extended, we were only looking for a 2-5 day momentum trade. The stock gave us a solid bounce, but momentum dried up just before reaching our target. Five-day return of 7.5%.


Netflix Inc. was featured in last Monday’s newsletter, and we outlined this trade with pinpoint precision. We told our members that the stock had found short-term support at $640, and we were expecting a bounce to $700. The stock hit $700 almost to the penny on Wednesday for an eight-day return of 8.8%.


Lucid Group Inc. was a day trade featured in Tuesday morning’s newsletter. We were looking for a $4 increase per share and were actually able to capture $5.50 for a one-day return of 11.2%.


NVIDIA Corp. has made it to our top 5 trades three out of the past four weeks!

We have been reading this stock like a book. We featured this trade on Wednesday, specifically looking for a pop on earnings with a $330 price target. After the announcement, we got a massive gap in our favor, and NVDA took out our target by 0.88 cents today. Talk about accuracy! Three-day return of 13%

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